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Never miss your flights again!

The world is fast turning into a global village and travelling is on the increase. This increase creates a travelling challenge that start even before you leave for the airport. Some of these challenges include but not limited to baggage check-in time, change of flight boarding time, change of flight departure time, e.t.c, of which may not have been communicated to you. brings an end to all of these challenges as we believe the first step to a pleasurable travel experience is planning and awareness. We have packaged a comprehensive real time information platform for air travellers and we believe that with access to this platform, travellers can find alternatives when their trips are not going as planned. We also have a comprehensive list of hotels across the country with a direct contact line for easy reservation.

OUR CONTENT offers you versatile and breadth of information that is akin to none. The quality, accuracy, timeliness and completeness of our information are commendable. We have global sources that we monitor continuously for updates the minute they occur. We have an assemblage of creative writers whose articles are very informative on issues concerning travel, tour, hospitality, logistics and aviation industry. We are focused and committed to making your travel a worthwhile experience. We are always at the information forefront because we continually invest in updating our content and data platform.

At our services entails making sure that our updated content reaches our esteemed travelling customers. We believe an informed content is the starting point of a pleasant travel experience. Our services are bridges between our content and the travellers.
- Data Services: Flightstime can deliver real-time travel information via a range of communication devices. Our 3 tier architectural information framework makes it robust, seamless and accessible to a vast array of interfaces e.g computer, laptops, ipads, smart phones etc.
- Alert Services: We provide alert services to travellers who are interested in receiving email or SMS alert on travel updates. We have created interfaces that allow travellers to subscribe to alerts. The flexibility of our alert services allows the traveller to create alert on any information of choice.
- Tracking Services: Our data platform allows travellers to track their flights for possible changes or updates. A combination of track and alert services keeps the traveller up to date real time on any changes in his flight.
- Traveler Applications: We are always a step ahead of the traveller. We not only strive to know where they are but also where they will be. All these information help us to match any possible problem with possible solution. Our concern is to turn a potentially bad travel experience into a positive one.

VIKO NIGERIA GROUP OF COMPANIES is a privately owned limited liability company of Nigeria origin and a heavy player in today's Nigerian economy with annual turnover in excess of $500million. VIKO NIGERIA GROUP is a highly professional and technology driven business company with an industry experience spanning over 16years. Our unique integrated business model ensures that expertise gained across multiple industries is leveraged to develop solutions for clients' changing business challenges. We are known for developing business models that aligns with clients strategic objectives to achieve operational efficiencies. Our solutions have transformed several industries spanning; academia, commercial services, logistics, financial services, government, healthcare, advert/entertainment and telecommunications.

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